Computable Human Wisdom Would you be interested in building a platform to capture the human wisdom of over 06 billion individuals? Part of being human is to learn from our mistakes. And most of us become wiser as we age. Then we all die and that wisdom captured over the course of our lives is lost forever as nobody else will ever have the same life experiences we had. Every adult in the planet alive today has a story that deserves to be told, heard, captured, encoded, preserved, and made discoverable via search. That's my dream. This kind of “wisdom-based computing” can greatly enhance all Wolfram's offerings. Natural laws (like gravity) are there to be discovered either this year or next or in 200 years: what we may call “Nature's Wisdom” will always be available for discovery. But the knowledge and wisdom of a single human being is unique (how many individuals attended Eton, Oxford, and then graduated from Caltech at 20?) and will never be available if that individual dies or loses her memory (Alzheimer's). I'm already working on making human wisdom computable (below). Just like Leibniz talked about “calculus ratiocinator” why couldn't we talk about “calculus sapientia” (“calculus of wisdom”)? Would you consider investing in my company to extend my existing work and integrate it with the rest of the Wolfram stack of technology? My dreams are far bigger than my wallet. Implementing my vision will take many years and require the committed support of a long-term thinking organization. A private company like Wolfram Research would be an ideal partner to build what I call Wolfram|Wisdom. From reading your blog I understand that you have been interested in how to take as much of the knowledge that’s been accumulated in our civilization as possible and make it computable; and on people and the trajectories of their lives. My work seems to align with your areas of interest. About Wisdom Computing Think of the proposed Wolfram|Wisdom model as an expansion of your Data Donor program in the Wolfram|Alpha Personal Analytics for Facebook product. Computation alone can not model human wisdom unless you first extract and encode a series of widely-applicable rules. I want to build a symbolic, computable representation of human wisdom, what I call “Human wisdom algorithms.” It's my contention that outcomes in human life are predictable (and modelable). Certain decisions in life are highly likely to lead to predictable (and thus computable) outcomes. Steve Jobs famously said that “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” Imagine if we could collect (and encode) the wisdom of tens, hundreds, thousands of individuals. Then we can aggregate all that wisdom, analyze it for patterns (“looking backwards”), and I'm sure we'll discover many interesting rules. I just read this article that presents an example of what I'd like to do: Wolfram|Wisdom would be an extension of your interest in Personal Analytics: from recording how many keystrokes / steps / emails / phone calls on a single day (the “what I did”) to extracting the knowledge gained that day (the “what I learned”). Here's how I propose we can do this: * Capture wisdom (building on my work in * Classify (map input into a symbolic, computable representation of wisdom - “calculus sapientia”) * Store (using Wolfram's existing cloud infrastructure) * Query (use WolframAlpha's existing linguistic understanding system as the front-end) * Display results Encoding the heuristics of human wisdom will greatly enhance the Wolfram Predictive Interface as well. Why Now? There is a human need to share, to connect. And most consumers already have the required technological tools (mobile phones, Internet access, PCs) required for this task. Full proposal available at